Sorry, I always wanted to do that. Anyways, you're all here because you wanted to see some pics of Rick Springfield from the WB concert. These are the best of the ones that I shot and they have been color corrected and sharpened in Photoshop. I have about 2 dozen more pics to go through and fix before they go on the web.

Keep in mind, these are WEB quality pics. Not print quality. If you want to print a photo or two, contact me and I'll get you a copy of the print quality image.

Also, if someone wants to post this website link to the Rick Springfield messageboards, feel free to do so. Just send me an email with a link to the thread.

Just in case you're interested, I also took pics at recent Queensryche and BareNaked Ladies (the band!) shows.

Now, without further delay.....


APRIL 29, 2004

DSC00005 DSC00021 DSC00025 DSC00031 DSC00034 DSC00035
DSC00005.jpg         DSC00021.jpg         DSC00025.jpg         DSC00031.jpg         DSC00034.jpg         DSC00035.jpg        
DSC00038 DSC00043 DSC00046 DSC00050 DSC00054 DSC00055
DSC00038.jpg         DSC00043.jpg         DSC00046.jpg         DSC00050.jpg         DSC00054.jpg         DSC00055.jpg        
DSC00065 DSC00069 DSC00074 DSC00075 DSC00076 DSC00078
DSC00065.jpg         DSC00069.jpg         DSC00074.jpg         DSC00075.jpg         DSC00076.jpg         DSC00078.jpg        
DSC00079 DSC00080 DSC00081 DSC00084 DSC00088 DSC00089
DSC00079.jpg         DSC00080.jpg         DSC00081.jpg         DSC00084.jpg         DSC00088.jpg         DSC00089.jpg        
DSC00090 DSC00094 DSC00099 DSC00100 DSC00101 DSC00103
DSC00090.jpg         DSC00094.jpg         DSC00099.jpg         DSC00100.jpg         DSC00101.jpg         DSC00103.jpg        
DSC00105 DSC00109 DSC00113 DSC00114 DSC00122 DSC00126
DSC00105.jpg         DSC00109.jpg         DSC00113.jpg         DSC00114.jpg         DSC00122.jpg         DSC00126.jpg        
DSC00128 DSC00131 DSC01682 DSC01693 DSC01694 DSC01696
DSC00128.jpg         DSC00131.jpg         DSC01682.jpg         DSC01693.jpg         DSC01694.jpg         DSC01696.jpg        
DSC01711 DSC01723 DSC01724 DSC01725 DSC01726 DSC01728
DSC01711.jpg         DSC01723.jpg         DSC01724.jpg         DSC01725.jpg         DSC01726.jpg         DSC01728.jpg        
DSC01734 DSC01736 DSC01737 DSC01738    
DSC01734.jpg         DSC01736.jpg         DSC01737.jpg         DSC01738.jpg